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Dancing with Decimals

Are decimals driving your students crazy? Is teaching them driving you crazy, the decimals, that is? Do your students really, really understand why a number raised to a negative exponent is a fraction and not a negative number? How can students understand scientific notation if they don’t understand exponents? This workshop will take the participants from standard form/notation through expanded, distributive, exponential and algebraic form on both the left and right place/side of the decimal point. Money (fake), decimal dice and digits will be used in this workshop. Come prepared to laugh and have fun.










Dancing Digits, Nimble Numbers

Express Yourself! Exploring Multiplicative & Exponential Forms

Infinitesimal Decimals - Investigating Tenths

Place Value Wallet

Decimal Festival! Hurray for Hundredths! Three Cheers for Thousandths! 

Performing on Paper - Putting the Operations in Their Place 

Are you interested in Delightful Decimals for your school? Contact Rachel to arrange a workshop!